Haec habui dicere - to właśnie chciałem powiedzieć.

Sunflower, do przeniesienia, hand made

aaaaSunflower, do przeniesienia, hand madeaaaa

Scraperfoil Sunflower
By Jenny Harpham
Materials Required:
Scraperfoil - 90mm x 90mm, approx.
Scraper tool.
Fine point scissors.
Card mount - SF03G single fold.
Scraperfoil is remarkably easy to use and the
surface can be scraped with many different
implements which will give a variety of effects.
Proper tools are easily obtained and may be the
easiest to master when starting out.
For this project, I have cut out the design to
mount onto the card as I feel it makes the flower
stand out well.
However, there is no reason why the back-
ground should not be scraped either in a pattern
or completely away then coloured with ink and
mounted into an aperture card.
To Make The Card:
Step 1. Using the templates transfer the flower
design to the scraperfoil with a pencil.
Step 2. With the tip of a scraper tool outline
all petals.
Step 3. Using the broad side of the scraper
tool scrape away the large back petals, make
downward strokes and follow the petal contours.
Add broad lines as desired to the large front
petals. For the smaller petals use the tip of the
scraper tool and work away from the centre.
Finish with circles of triangles of decreasing
sizes in the middle of the flower.
Tips: Have a tissue handy to wipe away
excess ink dust and to buff up the finished
design. After cutting out the shapes, smooth any
rough edges with emery paper.
Step 4. Cut out the finished flower (decoupage
or fine pointed scissors are excellent for this) and
mount on the single fold card. Your design may
be coloured with ink if desired like the blue card
shown on the right.



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